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Specializing in comprehensive estimating services, we undertake a systematic approach to support construction projects. Initiated by a meticulous review of project specifications and architectural drawings, our detailed quantity takeoff focuses on assessing materials and procurement needs.

Our estimating for material includes several phases:

  1. Project Analysis: Thoroughly review project specifications and architectural drawings to understand material and procurement requirements.

  2. Quantity Assessment: Conduct a detailed quantity takeoff specifically focused on materials, identifying the necessary quantities for procurement.

  3. Vendor Evaluation: Assess potential vendors and suppliers, considering factors such as reliability, quality, and pricing to inform the procurement strategy.

  4. Cost Evaluation: Analyze current market rates for materials, incorporating subcontractor bids and obtaining competitive pricing for procurement.

  5. Budgeting and Contingency: Integrate the cost of materials and procurement into the overall project budget, accounting for overhead costs and establishing a contingency allowance.

  6. Profit Margin Determination: Strategically determine a profit margin that aligns with market conditions and project-specific factors.

  7. Estimate Compilation: Compile a comprehensive estimate detailing material costs, procurement strategies, and associated expenses.

  8. Internal Review: Subject the estimate to rigorous internal review to ensure accuracy and alignment with project goals.

  9. Proposal Submission: Formally submit the detailed estimate as part of a comprehensive proposal to the client, outlining material and procurement plans.

Our Clients

Stoneworks Inc
Hinfustan Granite
Port Morris Tile & Marble
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