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Consulting & Procurement

Stone consulting and procurement involve a technical approach to optimize stone selection for construction projects. Our  team assesses project requirements, recommending stone types and specifications. Procurement includes vendor evaluation and negotiation to ensure the acquisition of quality stones that align with project goals. This streamlined process contributes to the success and durability of the construction endeavor.

Steps of procurement:

  1. Project Assessment: Conduct a thorough evaluation of project requirements, considering structural, aesthetic, and environmental factors to inform stone selection.

  2. Recommendation and Specification: Strategically recommend suitable stone types, finishes, and sizes based on the project's functional and aesthetic objectives.

  3. Vendor Evaluation: Meticulously assess potential stone vendors, considering factors such as reliability, quality, and pricing.

  4. Negotiation and Acquisition: Engage in negotiation processes with selected vendors to secure optimal terms and conditions for stone acquisition.

  5. Quality Assurance: Implement stringent quality assurance measures to ensure procured stones adhere to specified standards and project requirements.

  6. Logistics and Delivery Planning: Strategize logistics and delivery plans to ensure timely and efficient transportation of stones to the client.

Our Clients

Stoneworks Inc
Hinfustan Granite
Port Morris Tile & Marble
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